Where to Go

Show me where the dreamers go
To awaken from their slumber
Where energy is put back in their bones
And their souls are storming thunders

Show me where the creatives go
To dance away their fears
Where courage is fed straight to their veins
And their spirits rage like ocean waves

Show me where the happy go
To stash away their pains
For if I knew just where to go
Maybe I’d feel the same


Lessons from Moana

I recently watched the movie Moana, and was blown away by all the incredibly important messages and stunning images all throughout. Today I’d like to talk just a bit about a few scenes that spoke to my heart and made me reflect on some of the realizations I had last year.

The scene where baby Moana first interacts with the water was so precious! This is her first encounter with her destiny, and it gives her a little peak into the beauty behind her journey, and it even shows her some treasures and the little green stone – her purpose. Her eyes were wide open with pure innocent wonder and excitement, which shows how much we can see when we are free spirited, playful and have our arms wide open. The answers are usually right in front of us! Your inner being knows this to be true, but of course, there are hindrances and distractions. In this case, when Moana’s parents show up to tell her that this isn’t her path, the ocean closes up. It no longer shows her what she saw earlier when she was by herself, free and open. Distractions and situations that cause deterrence are essentially inevitable, but you can still keep yourself receptive to your destiny/purpose by remaining open to it despite these things. What is yours can be yours, but only if you let it be.

The second scene which I thought was so important, was the scene when Moana felt unworthy of her destiny. She begged the ocean to take back the stone and find someone more capable to carry out the task of restoring the heart of Te Fiti. And guess what? The ocean took the stone(”heart”) back! If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right! When you don’t find yourself to be worthy of your destiny, then the universe listens to you. You actually rob yourself of your own opportunities to be great, by inflicting self-doubt upon yourself. So even when the journey feels impossible, long and brutal, but you know this is the right path for you and have the confidence that you’ll figure it out somehow as you go, then that journey will be greatly rewarding, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first.


And the last scene I would like to talk about in this post, is when Moana realizes that the flame throwing, violent angry monster that they were trying to fight in order to return the heart to Te Fiti, was in fact, Te Fiti herself. She then walks towards this “monster” singing “I have crossed the horizon to find you, I know your name, I may have stolen the heart from inside you, but this does not define you, this is not who you are, You know who you are.” Here is a clip of this touching scene: Moana and Tafiti Scene – so breathtaking. What I took away from this scene is that, you may have your heart stolen or broken at some point in your life, and it may cause you to become this monster that you don’t even recognize, because “this is not who you are” and you suffer in this state because “you know who you are” and you just have to realize that these moments that break your heart “does not define you.” It is such an important scene, because as soon as Te Fiti comes to realize this, she calms down and her heart is restored and she becomes the beautiful mountain that she truly is and always was. Everyone’s natural state is calm, peaceful and happy. Life tests this and pushes you and bruises you, but if you can realize your true state of being then you can transform yourself to be who you were to begin with – just like the sweet little baby Moana and the captivatingly beautiful Te Fiti.

Sending you all my eternal love and light my friends!



Hi :)

Hi Lovelies,

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while, I kind of lost my inspiration for a little bit there – but the new year brought in some new insights and fresh perspectives so I’m happy to be back!

I have some blog posts coming your way that have got me thinking and feeling my feelings – I hope you find them interesting!


Clothed #OOTD

Some days I want a silk red dress
To grace and caress my body
I want the color to express
The fire of my spirit
Let it glide from side to side
To the rhythm of my flames

On other days
I want my clothes large
And hanging off my body
I want it to cloak me
When I curl up into a ball
And hide me in its depths

Then on other days still
I want to unravel altogether
Shed my material covers
Shake off my skin and bones
And be bare to the core
Glowing large and warm like the sun

Cafe Culture

Powered by love
Sitting at a cafe
Gazing and dazing
Romance all around
Giggles and gasps
As they all engage
In cheerful chatter
And woeful banters
The smell of coffee
Intoxicating the air
The smokey warmth
Weaving in and out
The smiles and sighs
As we sink into couches
Reading book titles
On vintage bookshelves
And wish these moments
Would stay a little longer





Over the summer, a cab driver in Miami told us that the city has been under construction for some time in an effort to raise street levels about 2 feet. This was surprising, but I didn’t think much of it to be honest. And then I found some time to watch Leonardo Dicaprio’s “Before the Flood” documentary, and now I’m terrified. The Miami street rising project is projected to protect Florida from drowning for only about 40-50 years…maybe less. This might be extreme, but what if Florida actually goes underwater in our time? Such a scary thought. Mayor Levine says, “The ocean is not Democrat, and it’s not Republican. All it knows how to do is rise.” (#electionreferene #govote) And that’s what’s happening. With rapidly rising levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, glaciers are melting causing sea levels to rise and precious coral reefs are bleaching – which seriously puts us in danger. We could really potentially become abolished by a great flood – ruining homes, demolishing crops, and other basic resources. And the sad part is, countries that contribute the least to global warming will feel the most impact of climate change – the poor will be hit the hardest. It’s really not fair. Watching the documentary was daunting, and it seems like getting everyone on board with making environmentally conscious decisions is damn near impossible. However, there is hope. Denmark is currently an energy leader and has demonstrated that it is possible to survive and thrive on renewable energy. America should really give more importance to these issues and move towards a more reliable and cleaner source of energy that will at least give us the potential to fight off natural disasters for the next century. I’m not perfect, and it will be hard to be perfect given the luxuries we’ve grown accustomed to that contribute to this type of destruction – but knowledge is power. Every thoughtful move you make, is an action towards preserving our earth and our species. Please give this incredibly terrifying, interesting and enlightening and documentary a watch – it is definitely worth your time. Grateful to Leonardo and his team for caring enough to get this message to the people in a way that can be seen with the eyes, felt with the heart and dealt with the mind.

Link: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/before-the-flood/


Bare Naked

If I bare my soul to you

Would it appeal to you

Behind the layers of my

Lotioned skin and shaking bones

Can you sit with me

As I tear a piece of my beating heart

And hand it over to you

Will you squirm under the stare

Of my questioning eyes

Foggy with untrusting tears

But anxious for a reason to

Trust you with my bare naked soul