Can I Dream

Can a mind that feared the future

Now begin to crave it

Can my thoughts released from fixture

Now brave away the doubts


Can the music play long after dark

So my dreams can dance along

Can my wishes dine with promises

So my heart can sing its song




Breathe when the world doubts you
Inhaleeee the energy of their fears
They know too well of your strengths

Breathe when you doubt yourself
Exhaleeee the energy of your fears
It is the only thing that’s stopping you

Where to Go

Show me where the dreamers go
To awaken from their slumber
Where energy is put back in their bones
And their souls are storming thunders

Show me where the creatives go
To dance away their fears
Where courage is fed straight to their veins
And their spirits rage like ocean waves

Show me where the happy go
To stash away their pains
For if I knew just where to go
Maybe I’d feel the same

Clothed #OOTD

Some days I want a silk red dress
To grace and caress my body
I want the color to express
The fire of my spirit
Let it glide from side to side
To the rhythm of my flames

On other days
I want my clothes large
And hanging off my body
I want it to cloak me
When I curl up into a ball
And hide me in its depths

Then on other days still
I want to unravel altogether
Shed my material covers
Shake off my skin and bones
And be bare to the core
Glowing large and warm like the sun

Cafe Culture

Powered by love
Sitting at a cafe
Gazing and dazing
Romance all around
Giggles and gasps
As they all engage
In cheerful chatter
And woeful banters
The smell of coffee
Intoxicating the air
The smokey warmth
Weaving in and out
The smiles and sighs
As we sink into couches
Reading book titles
On vintage bookshelves
And wish these moments
Would stay a little longer




Grateful in Autumn

Some days just feel so right

with the gentle breeze

lacing through your hair

gentle winds tinting your cheeks

big warm sweaters keeping you warm

you catch yourself closing your eyes

head tilting upwards toward the sky

breathing in that crisp autumn air

the feeling can’t escape you

it creeps in and consumes you

you find yourself telling your mind

to hush for just a second

because gratitude is talking

and you just want to listen