Lessons from Moana

I recently watched the movie Moana, and was blown away by all the incredibly important messages and stunning images all throughout. Today I’d like to talk just a bit about a few scenes that spoke to my heart and made me reflect on some of the realizations I had last year.

The scene where baby Moana first interacts with the water was so precious! This is her first encounter with her destiny, and it gives her a little peak into the beauty behind her journey, and it even shows her some treasures and the little green stone – her purpose. Her eyes were wide open with pure innocent wonder and excitement, which shows how much we can see when we are free spirited, playful and have our arms wide open. The answers are usually right in front of us! Your inner being knows this to be true, but of course, there are hindrances and distractions. In this case, when Moana’s parents show up to tell her that this isn’t her path, the ocean closes up. It no longer shows her what she saw earlier when she was by herself, free and open. Distractions and situations that cause deterrence are essentially inevitable, but you can still keep yourself receptive to your destiny/purpose by remaining open to it despite these things. What is yours can be yours, but only if you let it be.

The second scene which I thought was so important, was the scene when Moana felt unworthy of her destiny. She begged the ocean to take back the stone and find someone more capable to carry out the task of restoring the heart of Te Fiti. And guess what? The ocean took the stone(”heart”) back! If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right! When you don’t find yourself to be worthy of your destiny, then the universe listens to you. You actually rob yourself of your own opportunities to be great, by inflicting self-doubt upon yourself. So even when the journey feels impossible, long and brutal, but you know this is the right path for you and have the confidence that you’ll figure it out somehow as you go, then that journey will be greatly rewarding, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first.


And the last scene I would like to talk about in this post, is when Moana realizes that the flame throwing, violent angry monster that they were trying to fight in order to return the heart to Te Fiti, was in fact, Te Fiti herself. She then walks towards this “monster” singing “I have crossed the horizon to find you, I know your name, I may have stolen the heart from inside you, but this does not define you, this is not who you are, You know who you are.” Here is a clip of this touching scene: Moana and Tafiti Scene – so breathtaking. What I took away from this scene is that, you may have your heart stolen or broken at some point in your life, and it may cause you to become this monster that you don’t even recognize, because “this is not who you are” and you suffer in this state because “you know who you are” and you just have to realize that these moments that break your heart “does not define you.” It is such an important scene, because as soon as Te Fiti comes to realize this, she calms down and her heart is restored and she becomes the beautiful mountain that she truly is and always was. Everyone’s natural state is calm, peaceful and happy. Life tests this and pushes you and bruises you, but if you can realize your true state of being then you can transform yourself to be who you were to begin with – just like the sweet little baby Moana and the captivatingly beautiful Te Fiti.

Sending you all my eternal love and light my friends!




boatThis my first try at making picture quotes so the quality is pretty shoddy, but I love this picture…so I decided to share it anyways! 🙂 This was taken at Kallady Beach, Batticaloa while I was in Sri Lanka. It was a truly beautiful day and sight. Also, I thought this quote by Daniell Koepke was a nice follow up to yesterday’s post called “Worth It.” Hope you like!

Worth It

“She liked the moon, because, like herself, it shined its brightest when no one was around to see.”

Hey Inter-peeps,

This I write to you, because I would like to stress the importance of self-love. And just so you know, self-love doesn’t make you selfish, in fact, I actually find that it in turn makes you selfless. It’s not always easy, as our attention spans are shorter and our need for acceptance is greater – it almost feels like people are now pressured to give the absolute best in the shortest amount of time for the greatest amount of likes for a very fleeting moment of bliss. It’s super stressful when you think about it – and I also feel like this type of life style shortens the life span of your beautiful precious life. I also notice that a lot of people of our generation are pretty depressed in life. I always ponder why that is…I even find myself in that state sometimes.

From my experience there are several variations of depression– people who are so bubbly but are actually numb inside, people who can’t get out of bed, people who can’t stop crying and they don’t even know why, people who feel so alone because they can’t relate to the world around them – all of these characteristics of depression are so intense and shouldn’t be taken lightly. To any of you who are reading this, who are suffering with this type of bone crushing soul crushing depression – I just want to say, it’s okay and it is going to be okay – you will be fine and you can and will make it through this. I have a few suggestions that might help you on those sunny days that always seem gray anyways. You might find a compelling urge to roll your eyes through the next bit, but you should totally give it a chance anyways! It’s like that time your friend, colleague or sibling forces you to do something against your will and you begrudgingly do it, and then it turns out to be the best thing ever! Yea just like that! So yes…here goes!

Plop yourself somewhere that gives you some sort of comfort, and then close your eyes and meditate. You can do guided meditation or you can play music or you can sit in silence, either way you do it is perfect. In this moment, all you need to do is feel your existence through your breath. Feel that air beautifully coursing in and out of your body, feel the warm of your own soul. If thoughts are distracting you, bring it back to your breath, or you can for a short while take your mind somewhere wonderful and soothing – I for one love to go to the night sky and float among the stars (no, I don’t do drugs haha). It is the most peaceful 20 minutes you could give yourself each day and it rewards you 10 folds the more you do it. This is your time, your destination, your moment of pure bliss – give yourself that gift. Disclaimer – starting mediation might actually suck the first few times as you sweat out the toxins and negative energy, the more you give in to yourself, the easier and more blissful it will become. Meditation promotes peace of mind and self-love, try it out and trust the process – you won’t regret it.

My second suggestion is the pursuit of creativity. I mean pursue the crap out of that creativity. This means literally whatever the heck it means to you – what is your art? You’ll be surprised how alive this will make you feel. Some of my pursuits have given me incredible adrenaline rushes that lasted days! If you feel like you have no creative bone in you, then in the words of DJ Khalid, don’t play yourself. There is SO much you could do, and it will always be worth it even if it isn’t perfect. You could write, draw, dance, learn a new language, play an instrument, paint blindfolded, make pottery, take pictures, change your environment, stich something, or even literally google DIY and find a million and one things that you could try for the first time ever and really impress yourself. The more you create, the more you can grow to love yourself for all the cool things you just attempted and quite possibly mastered. Many studies have shown the incredible ways in which creative endeavors have benefited people both physically and mentally. You can even use your creativity to give back to the world. Can you promise me that you’ll give this one a try, and if possible send me a lovely picture of your art? What can it hurt right? It would make my day, and I guarantee that it will make yours too!

Lastly, get fit. “Oh no she didn’t.” Oh, but yes I didd. OH, the INFINITE benefits of taking care of yourself! This is tough, because your body and your emotions would do anything to keep you in your bed, but in the long run – this is not worth it. Life is so so short, and there are so many beautiful things out there that you simply cannot miss. You don’t deserve that. You deserve to be alive and awake. You deserve to LIVE this life. Do not let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Do not even let yourself tell you otherwise. When you are fit, you will feel so good inside and out. You will feel beautiful. You will feel worth it. The more you move, the more life will keep you moving. Taking care of yourself is everything. You are your everything, so give yourself that respect and love. How can you expect anyone to do anything for you and be there for you, if you can’t even be there for yourself you know? The more you show yourself how important you are, the more you will embody that – and that is sexy as hell. And there is no crime in being sexy amiright or amiright?! When the weight is keeping you down, fight it my friend. Fight it, tears streaming, ugly crying and all – fight the good fight. Because I will say it again, you are so so worth it.

Life is hard, so give yourself a break okay? Take all the steps so that when you look in the mirror, you know that you are a fighter, you are a survivor, and you’re freaking incredible in all your creative artsy glory. And when you find yourself stuck, just take a step back and say “oh hell no, there is definitely a way out of this mess.” And there is!! It could be as easy as getting out of bed!! Shine your brightest when there is no one around to see – you just might fall in love with yourself. That’s a super cute love story too, you know.

It’s 1 a.m in New York now! I’m off to bed my lovelies.

Have the sweetest day!