Flower Crown

Hey Guys!

This is a painting I did a little while ago, and recently I’ve become so interested in learning how to paint! Are any of you painters? Do you have any website, video, or book recommendations to help this beginner out?! I am such a noob, but I would LOVE to learn some new painting skills and amp up my painter’s game!

P.S. What do you think of my flower-crown-on-curly-haired-girl painting?! I had to do the back of her head because I am absolutely terrible at painting faces haha (All opinions are welcome! lol)





I am blessed
To be able to sit by the ocean
And appreciate its roaring waves
Without the whispers of hunger
Distracting my thoughts

I am lucky
To walk on plush land
But also have the luxury of shoes
To save my feet from broken glass
And burning sun

I am fortunate
To spend my days reading
Lavish books on history, fantasy, and fine art
And not worry about the luxury of education
Many don’t have

Mourning Haze

In clouds of haze
My mind wanders
Fogging up my thoughts
Debilitating me from living
I’d lose myself
On rainy days
When the breeze is cold
And my bones would hurt
I’d peer through teary eyes
Wiping them desperately
Aching for clarity
Craving the warmth
Of sunny mornings
To save me
From my silent mourning