Better Days

There will be days when your voices are negative and they win over the day. Capturing you in a dark spiral, your thoughts and body giving into all that it has to say. Then there are days where your positive voices win out and you wonder how you could have ever thought so negatively.

You have the power to chose the voice, but having that kind of power is not always easy. I understand that. But please recognize that you have that power.

Thinking negatively is so easy, it is so easy to think that you are not attractive, it is so easy to think that you aren’t smart enough, it is so easy to think you aren’t good enough – you know why? Because to think otherwise means assuming responsibility. It means actively thinking and doing what needs to be done so that you can think otherwise. It is a lot of work, especially if you are so used to thinking negatively.

I know how hard it is to get out of bed when the thoughts in your head are so heavy and burdensome. But here is what I can ask of you, take advantage of the days that are somewhat good. Make the most of that beautiful day – grab your journal and your camera and document you beautiful happy thoughts and visions.

What is bringing you joy in that moment?

What thoughts are bringing you peace?

What is making you breathe easier in this moment?

What are the things that are making you smile and laugh?

What are the things you wish would be part of your life everyday?

Maybe you can even jot down, which things are bringing you down on your off days and what you think you can do to resolve them.

Then on days that don’t go so well, just re-read those pages. Try your best remember the feelings you had as you wrote down your thoughts, and try to roll out of bed and recreate at least one of those things that brought you joy.

For me, when I was going through a lot that was bringing me down I did three things that almost always uplifted me even if just for a moment. (1) I went on a walks to places that were surrounded by nature. I found peace in flowers, trees, water, sun, moon and the like. I would be in such awe and amazement by the beauty of the world that it would distract me from my own negative thoughts. (2) I would go to cafes, restaurants, bakeries and new places that offer me new experiences and fully submerge myself in finding the joy in delicious and beautiful delights. (3) I would write and draw and DIY – it helped me find joy from the art within me. It would help me delight in myself.

You might be someone who can be healed by music, or by friends who cuddle, or by cooking or baking, or by going on crazy cool adventures – find three things that delight you, soothe you, and energize you. They will be your go to when negativity tries to consume you.

Like with anything, the more you practice the better you get. You can’t escape your negative thoughts while sitting in them, you have to find a way to move away from it. Practice it again and again and again – until being positive becomes more natural because it is more practiced.

Then on days when you are negative, please don’t beat yourself up. Instead, close your eyes, breathe and say “It’s okay, you are sad/angry/upset, but this will pass, and it will get better. I forgive you.” And then just allow the emotions to be, until you are strong enough to chose otherwise.

I strongly believe in you and I know you can come out of your darkness. This life was meant for you and you will do wonderful things in your time. I know it.

Praying for everyone going through a hard time right now, and hoping with all my heart that you see the light. The light that will show you that there are better days coming for you. Sending you warm hugs and lots of love.




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