Over the summer, a cab driver in Miami told us that the city has been under construction for some time in an effort to raise street levels about 2 feet. This was surprising, but I didn’t think much of it to be honest. And then I found some time to watch Leonardo Dicaprio’s “Before the Flood” documentary, and now I’m terrified. The Miami street rising project is projected to protect Florida from drowning for only about 40-50 years…maybe less. This might be extreme, but what if Florida actually goes underwater in our time? Such a scary thought. Mayor Levine says, “The ocean is not Democrat, and it’s not Republican. All it knows how to do is rise.” (#electionreferene #govote) And that’s what’s happening. With rapidly rising levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, glaciers are melting causing sea levels to rise and precious coral reefs are bleaching – which seriously puts us in danger. We could really potentially become abolished by a great flood – ruining homes, demolishing crops, and other basic resources. And the sad part is, countries that contribute the least to global warming will feel the most impact of climate change – the poor will be hit the hardest. It’s really not fair. Watching the documentary was daunting, and it seems like getting everyone on board with making environmentally conscious decisions is damn near impossible. However, there is hope. Denmark is currently an energy leader and has demonstrated that it is possible to survive and thrive on renewable energy. America should really give more importance to these issues and move towards a more reliable and cleaner source of energy that will at least give us the potential to fight off natural disasters for the next century. I’m not perfect, and it will be hard to be perfect given the luxuries we’ve grown accustomed to that contribute to this type of destruction – but knowledge is power. Every thoughtful move you make, is an action towards preserving our earth and our species. Please give this incredibly terrifying, interesting and enlightening and documentary a watch – it is definitely worth your time. Grateful to Leonardo and his team for caring enough to get this message to the people in a way that can be seen with the eyes, felt with the heart and dealt with the mind.

Link: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/before-the-flood/



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