Exploration – Aura Readings

Hippie-dippy tree hugger. One of my many nicknames. Actually this one came about during busy season, when I would stare at the trees in the city just to get my thought process going. Anyways,  I noticed about 5 years ago, that I was pretty intuitive. It always made me feel pretty hippie-dippy. It was amazing how I would just understand everyone’s perspective and what they were thinking and feeling despite what they were saying. It was so strange to me and to my encounters as well. I also noticed a few years ago that I was hyper sensitive to energies, and would actually have a reaction to them. I would feel positive energies in certain people and negative energies in others. I would also really feel like running away from these negative energies, because I knew it would get me down somehow. Never knew what all of this meant, and frankly sometimes I felt as if I was full of BS thinking all this was actually something real.

Which brings me to the other day when I gave Aura readings a shot. I actually heard about this through Snapchat’s newsfeed, and thought it was totally cool and had to try it out! The spot I went to was called Magic Jewelry and was located in Chinatown (238 Canal St # 108, New York, NY 10013). You place your hands on some metal plates and they take a picture of you and it prints out a nice Polaroid. When the picture develops, it will show you your aura in colors! You’ll then get a reading from them telling you about your thoughts and feelings as it relates to a 3 week period (the week prior, the present week, and the upcoming week) based on these colors. I thought it was incredible how spot on she was about exactly where my head was at and how I was feeling. What’s even crazier is that she confirmed that I am hypersensitive to energies and that I am highly intuitive and spiritually involved. This was relieving to know – I really wasn’t just making this up in my head! Overall the reading was fun and insightful and I loved that she laughed at me in all my amazement (short of having my eyes fall out of my head really).

If you’re adventurous and curious – give this a go! Why not? What have you to lose? You’ll have your mind blown I swear lol Here is my picture and a cool link that explains all these colors and what they mean – you can go ahead and try to read where my head is at! Haha would love to hear what you think!  aura

As always, hope you’re having an incredible day!



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