NYC Dreaming – Street Musicians

So I have this idea – and usually I am too scared of my ideas because they feel too big and way out of my potential. However, I find myself dreaming about this idea a lot, and I am putting it out to the world in hopes that somehow it will manifest, either through me or through someone else or together as a team.

New York City is flooded with incredibly talented Street Musicians. Many of whom absolutely take my breath away with their performances. I am always in awe and always leave feeling so grateful that I have had the privilege on any given day to experience their divine gifts. How selfless of them – even if they are sharing their art for a few dollar bills, how selfless it is that they decided not to reserve it for the big leagues. I feel so lucky to get the chance to listen and watch performances, which I feel in my heart of hearts, belong in grand theaters at prices that we cannot even afford. However, here they are in the mornings and evenings, spending their time to share their talents with us. I would love to give back to them and to the city. I would love for the street musicians of NYC to be cordially invited to perform on a big stage. That once a year, people can see these musicians gather together on one stage. For them to have their moment. These musicians are over looked by thousands each day, how wonderful would it be for all eyes to be on them, attentive and present in the moment with them. They make me happy all the time, and I feel like this would be a great opportunity to say thanks while also giving back.

Dear fellow bloggers, especially if you’re in NYC, what do you think? Is it doable? Would you attend? How would one go about making this idea come alive? What ideas do you have regarding this really general idea? What would you like to get out of something like this? Who are some of your favorite street musicians? Where do they perform? Do you have a picture or video you’d like to share? I’d LOVE to see!

If you’ve gotten this far, I’m so grateful to you. You never know, you might be someone to set this dream in motion for me simply by reading it. So thank you.

Hope you have a beautiful day/night!




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