I was hit

Immediately I ran for a tissue

And then fell on my knees…

I slowly lifted the tissue to my face

My hands shaking as I brought it down

My vision was blurred by tears

But still I saw the red…

Everything in space and time froze

My ears were ringing…loudly and relentlessly

A cry burst out of me without my permission

I felt so defeated and weak…and so damn angry

I cried this crippling ugly monster-like cry

I was furious and pained and so so sad

And then just like that…I started to laugh

I laughed so hard that I’ve found myself here

That somehow some one thought it was okay

To swing their hands like hammers on my face

That violence transcends words

That crudeness transcends grace

How hilarious I thought it all was

Before the stupid tears resumed

I stood up and walked over

Presented my tissues and my face

And asked him if he liked my art


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