Train Ride Stranger

I stared, I admit
At the man with muddied boots
His eyes tired from the sun
His shirt wrinkled with sweat
He smelled like hard work
And I couldn’t take my eyes away
His hands were callused…bruised
His nails held dried dirt
His legs were weary…exhausted
Though he tried hard not to show
His stance was strong
His expression confident and humble
But he wanted a seat
I could tell
Nonetheless, he let each seat go
Child, mother, youth, elderly
Took the seats he so desperately eyed
He gently nodded to a stranger
Lending a smile
Then he shut his eyes for two more stops
And he never saw the girl
Who couldn’t help but stare
At his lovely demeanor and tender disposition
She briefly fell in love…a fleeting love
On her very short train ride home


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