A Heartbeat Away

You’re confiscating my thoughts
Conducting the playlist in my mind
The mushy gushy type that makes me squirm
My toes can’t help but wiggle…so giddy
And this smile on my face, so help me
I simply can’t seem to shake it off
I wanna talk to you and I wanna listen
To the sweet timbre in your voice
The sound of your laugh, so manly, so warm
This hurts a little because you’re afar
I await the moment when I can tell you
That I really really like you
I just want to let you know
I wish I could be besides you
Holding your hands and I so badly
Want to look into your green eyes
I only vaguely remember the hue
But I want to stare into them deeply
Making it crystal clear how I truly
Want to be next to you right now
Only a heartbeat away


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