Naked Home

The exposure of my bare skin
To my surroundings
It’s hard for me sometimes
To look at the house
Where my soul resides
And not think of ways
To renovate
Chisel the exterior
Beautify the interior
A touch up here
And trash that there
It never seems perfect
Never seems enough
Yes, I own this place on earth
And it’s there for all to see
The passersby and pedestrians
All take a look at me
But only a few are welcome
To the depths of my home
To see the many tiers
And the drapes that I have drawn
The varied shades of my walls
The windows that bring light
Oh the art that brings the gold
And the heart that brings the shine
You’ll see the words flow out of me
Like the blood that rides my veins
Thoughts that make me sing or sigh
Echo through my brain
It’s taken a lot of work you see
So it’s really very hard for me
To be so naked in front of you
Because the me I am, I am for me
And it’s really not for all to see


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