Red Stains

Tears brimming my eyes
My face hot with rage
From watching this beautiful world
Become smeared with red stains

Not stains of roses or lipstick
Not stains of purple grape wines
But stains of people’s blood
Forcefully poured from people’s hands

The brutality left for the entire world to see
And to ponder about in thoughts so restlessly
That man can take the life of another man
With no hesitation and shocking ease

How terrifying and how infuriating
These massacres ensued on selfish grounds
You really think words and truths can be covered
With robbed souls and bleeding lives

You’ve been misled or your must’ve misread
Each forgone life will get etched in our hearts
The tears streaming down our eyes will wash the blood stains away
And the words and truths you tried to hide, will become clear as day

In perfect bindings and pretty pages
The words will scream out at you
To open your poor blind eyes
And to put down your cowardly weapons

Please look at the faces standing before you
It is as human and as real as yours
Look at their eyes and the wells of tears behind them
Burning hot and heavy like acid

Deafen grave violence and chain down crude words
Embellish in love and compassionate prose
Let peace ring in melodies aloud
And kindness ripple through oceans and crowd

As far as I know and as far as I go
I only have just this one small gift of life
I pray to live to see its every beauty
And not its beauty smeared in red stains


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