Dreams followed by crushed dreams. Inspired moments followed by devastatingly dull moments. You might be quick to say, “yea man, I have all these dreams and super cool ideas – but like, I’m scared…” No, you’re not! Okay, maybe you are…but not scared that you’ll fail…I actually think you’re scared of the responsibility that accompany your dream or really cool idea or anything else that you should be doing but aren’t doing because you’re “scared.”

This idea isn’t original – I actually got it from the greatest books of all time, The Road Less Traveled, by M. Scott Peck, M.D. (I wish he was still alive so I could meet him! Sigh!)  But think about it…how true is that? Most of us are scared of the responsibilities that accompany any big shift, change or action we want to make or take in our lives.

For instance, let’s say you’re lonely and aren’t able to make friends – like it is just so hard for you. Now, let me ask you, are you taking all the steps to make and maintain a friendship? Are you sticking to plans? Are you following up on your friends? Are you showing that you care? Are you showing up? Do you remember their birthdays? See it is your responsibility to find friends who are of your caliber (or your desired caliber) and it is also your responsibility to show up and be a friend on good days and bad, for better or for worse. It’s not easy; it takes work! If this is too much to ask then hey! you can’t blame anyone but yourself for not having the amount of friends or the type of friends you believe you should have! Right? Do you see what I’m getting at? My mom is painfully good at this. She keeps up with all her friends so well, and they trust her and love her like their high school diary – and she earned that by putting in the work of love and friendship and by always showing up (even when she doesn’t feel like it)!

The same goes for your dreams. It’s not enough to just have a dream. If you want to be a piano virtuoso, a professional athlete, a reputable author, etc., then you better believe it’s not going to happen overnight! It takes years and years of hard relentless work. Anything anything you want to accomplish is going to require you to be responsible enough to put in the time and effort needed to reach your potential. And that is freaking daunting, because let’s be real – Netflix and chill (and I mean actually chilling) is way easier than actually working to achieve your goals. But realizing this fear might actually help you make the conscious decision to step up to your responsibilities, do the work and take action, because there is actually nothing more fulfilling than reaping the benefits and outcome of your hard work. And trust me guys when you set your mind on something(s), you really do become unstoppable regardless of where you think you are on the totem pole. You got this.

Now get your lazy ass up and make a list, do the work, and achieve your dreams! Go go go!



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