No Stress No Stress

Hey there, I’m so happy you stopped by! 🙂

Many days I’ve wandered the earth, seeing all these beautiful faces passing me by, and it amazes me to think about how we probably only give our attention to approximately 0.0000000000001% of these people? Damn. That’s why, I’m one of those people who walks around wearing this incredibly pseudo looking (but totally genuine) smile, justttt in case someone could use it. When friends walk with me, they’re like, “you know that dude?” and I’m like, “nope, but he seem pretty cool.” and that dude was probs like “damn, I look good today” or maybe “man, that was awesome, let me smile at that really chill girl about to pass me by” – and my imagination likes to hope that I just started an awesome never ending smile train.#Yas

But I’m going to be honest, sometimes…I get stressed. Stress is detrimental to your very being, and I highly recommend that you take all precautions to get rid of that damn joy-kill as soon as possible. You were born to be a stress free human being- existing, creating, breathing, living, loving, etc and stress really has no part in that #tbh. I do three things when I feel stressed:

  1. WALK – Walking gets your blood pumping, the oxygen flowing into your body, it gives you space to think or empty, and it is an instant mood changer. If you ever feel an overwhelming amount of stress – go on a walk, it’s practically magic.
  2. SLEEP – Ain’t no cure like 8 hours of sleep. I find that it brings me to level of homeostasis that I’m not able to achieve while awake. Oddly, when I fall asleep mulling over something stressful – I usually find a solution or a voice of reason helping me find a fresh perspective on said stress inducing issue. Sounds crazy, but this has happened to me quite a few times. Lastly, at the very least, a refreshed mind can handle anything better than a stressed one – so sleep it out!
  3. HAVE FUN – Sometimes when I’m stressin real hard, and I feel a bit claustrophobic in my stress bubble – I go out on search for something fun. Fantastic finds have resulted from my mini escapes. I’ve stumbled on a free jazz show once, I’ve visited fascinating museums, met really cool people, walked to random places in NYC finding hidden waterfalls and beautiful botanical sights, and sometimes I splurge and buy a new book, or a stunning new dress that I’d never buy on a sensible day, or as I did on Friday – get pampered at a really nice spa. It’s therapeutic – fun could be lying down (or rolling) in grass, painting while intoxicated, dancing with strangers, skydiving, watching a Broadway show…the fun filled options are endless!! You could even pop that stress bubble whilst blowing bubbles!! It’s Genius!!  And Fun!!

You catch my drift? Life is so short but on the same token life is SO BIG. Kill stress and make bliss.

On that note – if you want to distress at a spa like I did (and you’re in NYC) then you should totally give Nuansa Spa your time and your dime. It’s a hidden gem. You’ll find yourself being transposed from the city hustle and into a complete relaxing, tranquil, sublime arena of pure bliss. I mean – I felt like I went on a mini vacation. I really appreciated their attention to detail, which you will not fail to see from the second you step foot into this spa. They were gentle, kind, and they gave me so much space to relax and unwind. I enjoyed everything from the welcome, to the ambiance, the impeccably clean bathrooms, the incredible snacks and satiating green tea, and the gentle calming presence of everyone who works there. Ladies (and gents), you’ll be happy to find that the shower is HUGE and they even have make up that you can use to pretty yourself up afterwards! *tears*  It was really wonderful and you’ll definitely “find your urban escape” here. Thank you for this experience Nuansa Spa! Here are some pictures from Friday 🙂

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and wishing you a beautiful week ahead!




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