Oh My Heart

Dearest dwellers of the vast internets,

Before you begin reading this post, please take a moment to sit there with  your hand over your heart. Let the world be still for a moment and I want you to feel and hear that beautiful heart of yours. Is it slow and steady? Or is it quick? Is it irregular – quick slow quick slow? However it goes, however it beats – please take a moment to love that sweet little pumper of yours. Love your heart for all the hard work it it puts in every single day of your life.

In the light of a sequence of deaths, I’ve become immensely aware of the briefness of life. I used to boast about how I’d live to be 100, but to be honest, I was kind of hoping that everyone else would live to be 100 too – so you could only imagine my surprise when the very people who were a part of my life just a moment ago were all of a sudden…not. Wow – I’ll never see that smile or hear that laugh again? Wow.

I’m a big advocate of “let that shit go” “live your life” “smile at every passing stranger because the whole world is your friend and everyone needs a smile” mantras – some of my co-workers call me “hippy dippy” “tree hugger” etc. – but I am very very passionate about making people fully aware that they are LIVING and it doesn’t count unless your ALIVE while you’re ALIVE. No this does not mean you have to be rainbows and sunshine all of the time – but please don’t sit back in complacency and mediocrity because it’s easier and safer – are you really going to let all that hard, arduous blood pumping work your heart is doing go to waste?! It’s literally working day and night to keep you alive!!

With that said I’m going to segue into another one of my passions – charity. It is always on my mind – sometimes I even imagine myself wearing a large fanny pack stuffed to the brim with dolla bills and I’m just walking around giving my money away to everyone and fantasizing about what they’d probably do with it. It’s fabulous. Today’s charity of choice is the American Heart Association. Here is why…

Last weekend I went to the funeral of a 32 year old man. 32. years. old. He had no idea! I mean, he ate well, he exercised, he was healthy…so what the eff! You won’t believe it, but the docs said it was genetic. Yeap – if heart disease runs in your family – then you better run yourself to the doctor asap and get that pretty little heart checked out! Did you know, my dad went in for a regular check up and was immediately admitted to the hospital because he had 75% blockage in his heart and ended up having an open heart surgery! He only went in for a check up. His next heart attack would’ve be his second one…and last one. He was lucky, but only because he took precautions and went in for his regular check up. Lastly, my sweet sister has heart murmurs – her heart beats so hard sometimes that I could hear it just from sitting next to her. Its so worrying and sometimes the briefness of life, numbs me – but for goodness sake, that heartbeat is irregular but that it is fighting for its life, pumping away like it’s nobody’s business. Please, follow your heart.

I am really invested in sending out this message to bring awareness to the importance of being on top of your heart game. Please go in for your regular check ups. Drink water. Sleep well. Laugh lots. Worry less. Eat food that is nourishing and healthy and fuels you with energy. Walk, run, dance and just keep moving. Speaking of which – I will be running a 3 miler (The Wall Street Run) with my friends and co-workers on May 19, 2016 at 6pm. I might not know you yet, but I would LOVE for you to join us – there are popsicles and happy hours at the end of this run! You can click here to Join My Team! Yay!! If you aren’t able to make it for any reason, then I would be so grateful for your contribution to the cause and for all your efforts to spread the message! You can also donate to my personal page and help me reach my fundraising goal of $2,000 if you please: Follow This Link and I don’t think I could thank you enough! ❤

In summary, today’s charity and cause of choice is CRITICAL. Be aware of your body and your heart, please take all the steps to keep your little engine running smoothly. Wishing you all a long and healthy life – so we can all perish together as happy old wrinkly babes who LIVED an entire century! #GOALS

One love from my heart to yours.

Good night!


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